Stax groove is a dance creative artist witch is formed by IZM(leader),Yossy,Shun and Mune.
Stax groove's performance concept is "We do not only dance with sounds,also our dance creates the sounds.
Formed in 1994,Stax Groove is a renowned Hip hop/FutureJazzy dance group in Tokyo.
whichhas not only performed as the back dancer unit for numerous famous Japanese musicians,
but also created its own dance world based on the Tokyo underground dance scene.
staging at clubs,public dance performances,jazz clubs and on the on street performances all over the world,including
New York.

Stax Groove's 4 amazing dancers-Shun,Yossy,Mune and Izm,started originally with hip-hop , break dancing,house,then moved onto freestyle jazz dancing.
A regular feature at the renowned JAZZ CATS parties in Tokyo.Stax Groove holds the belief that jazz has no confined format or restriction.
The DJ's playing at JAZZ CATS untillze the freshest freestyle technique,
mixing hip hop,house,old jazz,funk,soul,broken beats,Detroit techno
and any music that the DJs subjectively regard as jazz.

Cortfied by the Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment with the Heaven Artist License,
Stax Groove expresses.Jazz is originally supposed to be danced to Being the leading authonty in Japan.

We intend to share the joy and artistry of the art form.
there is only a fine line between dividingmusic into genres and dividing dance into genres.
Common elements are contained in all.


Tokyo Metropolitan Heven Artist Licence acqire.

World Dance Tour STAX GROOVE presents "fusion world tour2002" Asia(Korea/Taipei),EU(France/London),US(Newyork).
Guest Dance&Judge:
2004-Singapole,Hongkong,Shanghai showcase
2006 Poland Jazz Festival
2007 Indonesia Jakarta Crossover Jazz Festival

Support Dancer:
JANET JACKSON Japan Tour After Party Guest Dance Live
Nice&Smooth Japan tour Opening Dancer
INDY 500"Rogger Yasukawa"Back up Dancer
"Keyco" "PUSHIM""Namie Amuro" "Ayumi Hamasaki"Dancer
"Teikoku-Hotel"20TH Anniversary Party Guest Dancer
Photographer"Tadayuki Naitoh"LIVE

Dance Session:
SOULIVE Japan Tour 2004 in Yokohama Bay Hall
Mark de clive low feat Bembe Segue Tour at Shibuya JZ Brat 2003 Michael white&Leisei Chen, Build an Ark
Bugz in the Attic,Sleep Walker,Soil&pimp sessions/OSAKA MONORAUIL and many Jazzmen.

Concert Tour :
Namie Amuro,Ayumi Hamasaki,Max,Da-Pump,TRF,Br.Korn,S.E.S(Korea)
"Pink lady"Memorial concert tour2003 27city57times.
"Kiyoshi Hikawa"X'smas special concert2003
"Senri Ooe"concert2004

Fashion Show:
Lanvin en Blue

Record cover Model: Dirty Jazz(IRMA Records)

NHK"Pop Jam"
NHK Friday Show Time
NHK The program
TV-Asahi"music station"
TV-Asahi"Street Fighters"

CM Choreography:
"ION"corporation "Una-Kouwa"

CM Firm:
Tokyo Disney Resort ,DDI Pocket..SANYO MD Walkman,Windows2000

Live Booking,Dance workshop..
info:STAX GROOVE Project